Psychic Soul Session with VPC // Rachel Ana Dobken // DearQuinton

Psychic Soul Session with VPC // Rachel Ana Dobken // DearQuinton

$15.08 - $18.67
($12.00 - $15.00 base price)
Join VPC and friends for a divine night of live music, with cosmic grooves spanning psychedelic rock, soul, jazz, dance and R&B!


“We here at VPC believe in the spiritual power of music, no matter the genre, and so we put together the Psychic Soul Session to showcase this. The supporting bands aren’t just any bands — they’re personal friends that I know put their heart and soul into their music, exploring their unique voices across many styles, and always putting their love of music first. So get ready for a night of soul-nourishing sounds with VPC, Rachel Ana Dobken and DearQuinton. Come join us and let the good vibes flow!”

Love, Dash / VPC Band Bios: Virtual Perfection Cowboy (VPC) is the solo project of Dash Lunde, a multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer who works across a wide array of genres. From dream pop to psychedelic rock, electronica to neoclassical, and now venturing into house and drum ’n’ bass, every VPC performance is a unique experience unto itself, featuring a unique blend of styles, instruments and collaborators.

Asbury Park, NJ native Rachel Ana Dobken (drums, guitar, vocals, keys, producer) has a knack for blending heavy indie rock, psychedelic and soul. Her music is raw and honest existing somewhere between Amy Winehouse meets My Morning Jacket meets Jeff Buckley… well, you decide.

DearQuinton is a multi-hyphenate budding superstar who has been writing, producing, and engineering music for years. His emotive, soulful falsetto with a hip-hop flare sets the groundwork for all of his records.