Ana Egge Band – “Sharing In The Spirit” Album Release Show

Ana Egge Band – “Sharing In The Spirit” Album Release Show

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Celebrate the release of Ana Egge’s newest album Sharing in The Spirit!


Ana Egge is a singer-songwriter and apprentice luthier from Brooklyn, NY. She has released 13 studio albums, playing her homemade guitar. Egge’s music has been praised by critics for its honesty, vulnerability, and beauty. She was born in Canada, and raised in North Dakota, and has toured extensively throughout North America and Europe. Egge is the subject of a 2015 documentary film, Bright Shadow. She has been featured in Billboard, Rolling Stone, and on NPR to name a few. Lucinda Williams calls her “the folk Nina Simone.”

Egge’s newest album, “Sharing in the Spirit,” is a collection of songs that touch on politics, addiction, sex, and love. The album was produced by Lorenzo Wolff following their previous collaboration, 2021’s “Between Us.”

The album opens with “Don’t You Sleep,” a civil rights celebration of hope and hard work. “Where Berries Grow” is a biblical, bluegrass beauty about people Ana has loved and known. The album also touches on addiction and sobriety, with songs like “Mission Bells Moan” and an adapted cover of the classic “Sorry You’re Sick,” by Ted Hawkins. The final track and first single is sung in tribute, “Last Day of Our Acquaintance,” penned by the late, great Sinead O’Connor.

“Sharing in the Spirit” is an addictive mix of fearless strength and an almost childlike sense of fun. Seen in the cover photograph of Ana driving her minibike at the age of five and in the back cover photo where Ana revisits her childhood home of Ambrose, North Dakota, now a ghost town where the streets have been reclaimed by prairie grass. The music inside is a dream born from dreams.