That’s A Gay Ass Live Show

That’s A Gay Ass Live Show

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That’s A Gay Ass Live Show!


Eric Williams, host of the hit That’s A Gay Ass Podcast, expands his gay ass empire with a gorgeous variety show. Featuring performers from the comedy and drag scene, That’s A Gay Ass Live Show pits star-studded performers against each other in a competition for the Champion of Character Actress Knowledge (C.O.C.K).

The show makes its anticipated New York debut after features in the LA Times and LAist as one of “The Best Things To Do.”

Performers include Dan Pelosi (@grossypelosi), Emma Willmann (Netflix), Joe Hegyes and Andrew Muscarella (Good Children Podcast), Milly Tamarez (The Betches Sup Podcast), Kevin Zak (Queerty), The Dragon Sisters (Vogue), Garrett Williams (Vulture) and Edson Montenegro (Insider).

Hosted by Eric Williams

Directed by Michael Schwartz

Produced by Adam Gold

Poster by John Filmanowicz

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