Join Natalie and her Melancholy Disco Band to celebrate the release of her hot new single Reuben, supported by Melissa Rose Hirsh!


Mullets, men, and melodrama, oh my!

The rumors are confirmed: Natalie Livingston & her Melancholy Disco Band will be playing a show to celebrate the release of her song Reuben, all about her ever-famous alleged one night stand with the London hunk by the very same name. Set list is not yet confirmed, but secret sources have informed us the night will include her entire discography, unreleased songs, and covers. We know she loves a London boy, but insiders have told us she has coined the event as a full-on British Invasion! She’s requesting that everyone show up in their best British garb. From Bowie to crumpets, Big Ben himself to Maisie Peters, whatever path you choose, be sure to be show stopping. Let’s be honest though—once Natalie gets going, we know there’s no stopping her!