SIDE BY SIDE: A Solo Show by Maggie Crane

SIDE BY SIDE: A Solo Show by Maggie Crane

($12.00 - $15.00 base price)
A Solo Show by Maggie Crane. Directed by Annalisa Plumb.

DOORS 7:30PM | SHOW 8:30PM

Can you ever be as cool as your older brother?

Not when he has a purple sparkly wheelchair and everyone’s attention. Set in the crunchy-granola-meets-redneck-woods of Western Massachusetts, Maggie Crane’s darkly funny solo show is an autobiographical account of growing up amidst disability, death, and Dunkin Donuts.

Side by Side is part solo show, part stand up special about comedian Maggie Crane’s relationship with her older brother Aiden. Aiden was blind, in a wheelchair, and developmentally disabled, but this never stopped the wild jealousy, sibling rivalry, and unique bond between two siblings.

Maggie Crane (writer/performer) is a stand up comedian and writer based in New York City. She has been featured in High Mud Comedy Festival, New York Comedy Festival, and can be seen on Comedy Central and HBO.

Annalisa Plumb (director) is a NYC native, an actress, and a director. She has recently acted in HBO’s Gossip Girl and Bradley Cooper’s Maestro. Annalisa has directed work at theaters including Caveat, The Brick, Theater for the New City, and Wild Project.

Maggie and Analisa have been best friends since they met on their first day of college, where they were randomly assigned roommates. Since then they have been frequent collaborators and constant drinking buddies.