Art Reception for Natalie Rhodes

Exhibit Description

The self is a home that can be built up, added onto, burned or torn down. Reflections is a series of self portraits, some more literal than others. I ascribe vibrancy of colors with intense emotions and experiences. Imagery of burning houses and broken mirrors pinpoint moments in time when I experienced trauma or began processing it. Both instances tear apart the concept of self. Once one experiences such things and chooses the long and often nonlinear path to healing, they must face the person they were when they experienced the trauma, who they were before and who they’ve been since. But most importantly, choosing to heal and grow gives one the chance to think about who they want to be going forward. I believe in the power that art has to transmutate pain into a personal narrative which can liberate the artist from the past. This work has certainly done so for me. By breaking apart mirrors and cutting/reconstructing materials I’ve been able to make sense of parts of myself that no longer belong. So these are the fragments left behind.

Artist Bio

Natalie Rhodes is a queer intuitive artist hailing from Lincoln, NE. Having studied art therapy in Boulder, CO, this field continues to influence their body of work as they process trauma, past abuse, identity and sexuality. This first exhibition: Reflections, is a visual journal of the situations, emotions, and revelations that the artist has confronted since moving to Brooklyn in September 2020.

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