Asian American Film Thing!

Asian American Film Thing!

$12.00 - $15.00
ASIAN AMERICAN FILM THING is a celebration of Asian- American filmmakers with film screenings, q+a portion, musical performances, and more!

ASIAN AMERICAN FILM THING is a celebration of Asian- American filmmakers by screening their shorts (Films! Not Pants!) hosted by Angel Yau!

There will be an array of narrative fiction, docs, animations, music videos, comedy sketches, experimental films, and more. The mission of this event is to have a safe space for AAPI filmmakers to voice their stories (so some of these films might be work in progress!) Exciting! We want to focus on shorts that show Asian- Americans as the main characters, as the voice, as someone that Hollywood usually never portrays us in.

You will also get to hear what the filmmakers have to say about their work. AND, there will be several musical and performance treats at the end of the screening!



Angel Yau is a comedian, storyteller, actor, and filmmaker from Queens, New York. She started her comedy career (unintentionally) in high school when she ran for school council. From then she knew how to laugh at herself. She founded “Asian American Film Thing”, and “Shoes off, Mouth off” an all AAPI storytelling show. She is also proudly in the musical comedy group, AzN PoP! Angel’s festival-winning stop-motion animations are where she explores her childhood in comedic but heartfelt ways dealing with solitude, rejection, and alienation. Angel was recently featured in a BBC short documentary on being a comedian dealing with mental health.