A screening of award-winning short films followed by Q&A with the filmmakers.

littlefield is an all-vaccinated event space. Here are the entry requirements for all patrons and performers for all events:

  • Everyone is required to wear a mask when not actively eating or drinking
  • Everyone is required to show valid proof of full COVID-19 vaccination (examples: physical CDC vaccination card, clear photo of the CDC card, digital vaccine passport such as the Excelsior Pass, NYC COVID Safe, and CLEAR Health Pass)
  • Everyone is required to show valid photo ID (examples: state ID or passport)


They’re funny, they’re bold, they’re innovative and they’re SHORT.

A special night of short films fresh out of the film festival circuit, followed by a (short!) q&a with the filmmakers.


BOYS & TOYS by Kevin Alexander

30-something Abby hits on a younger guy at a bar. Things get awkward when it turns out she already knows him.

TRUST by Dan Rosen

A young woman, desperate to be accepted by an enigmatic group and its seductive leader, must take a risky leap of faith.

BORDERLINE COFFEE by Jeff Ayars & Susannah Stahlmann

“Coffee?” Asks the mysterious blue post-it. “To Bed” replies the red. A young woman’s thoughts battle it out as she ventures through her anxiety to accomplish what would seem to be a simple task: a cup of coffee.

THE PRICE OF CHEAP RENT by Amina Sutton & Maya Tanaka

An aspiring artist discusses the challenges of finding affordable housing in a new city and the compromises she has to make with her spooky new roommates.

SOFA SO GOOD by Noa Osheroff

In the streets of New York, a young woman is relentlessly, stubbornly and desperately looking for a sofa.

ANITA by Sushma Khadepaun

While attending her sister’s wedding in India, Anita is pushed to question whether her life in America is any better than those in her hometown.