Ser Kokayi Single Release Show

Ser Kokayi Single Release Show

$10.00 - $12.00
Ser Kokayi releases their new single. Opener to be announced.

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Ser Kokayi is a hip hop artist, student & record label executive who is currently based out of New York City. Ser was raised in Atlanta, Georgia and has been heavily influenced by many of the city’s most notable artists – from Andre 3000 to JID to Young Thug. Despite his connection to the sound of Atlanta, in 2019, Ser found himself moving to New York to pursue music and attend The Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music at New York University.

In his first year at NYU, the young entrepreneur found himself inundated with the amount of corruption and the lack of equity in the music industry, which led him to found his record label – OnEarth Records OnEarth is an independent record label that is completely artist-run and aims to bridge the gap between artists and executives in the music industry. The company’s mission is to create equity in the music industry by putting minorities, women & other underrepresented groups in positions of power. The label has signed acts like dark-pop artist TAYR and r&b singer ZAYAH and is run by a collective of artist-executives.

Now in his sophomore year at NYU, the 19 year old hip hop artist is focused on growing his record label, promoting his new single “TAKE V” & preparing to go on tour in the coming year.

Opener to be announced.