Funny people, smart people, a theme and lots of drinks creates the foundation for this recurring show of wit and wisdom.

Drunk Science: Music and the Brain

Come watch as three intoxicated comedians compete to present the best scientific dissertation to a panel of real scientists.

Featuring music-inspired dissertations by:

Marcia Belsky (Comedy Central)

Dylan Adler (Cue Music)

Brooks Allison (Boy Brooks, Slothrust)

And special guest scientist, Dr. Pablo Ripollés !

Pablo Ripollés is an Assistant Professor with a joint position between the Department of Psychology and the Music and Audio Research Laboratory (MARL) at New York University. Dr. Ripollés work relies on creating a joint theoretical framework to study language, reward, memory and music with a clear objective: capitalize on music to shape cognition, and capitalize on cognition to shape music.

Tickets are $12 in advance, $15 at the door.


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