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Our Beautiful People Michael James Freedman, Demarcus McGaughey & Erica Morales Presented by Why Not Art On view October 6 - December 20, 2023

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Recent small works by Gocha Tsinadze

On view March 16 to May 31, 2024

This exhibition features new paintings by Gocha Tsinadze which attempt to strike an equilibrium. The compositions and forms are a kind of interplay between foreground and background. The work attempts to explore large silhouettes and monoliths as form and as formal language. By invoking a play on landscape or sculptural form the paintings challenge us to question what we are looking at and beckon the viewer to view them without pretense, embracing the subconscious and its role in comprehending form and color.


Gocha Tsinadze is a multimedia artist. He works and lives in Brooklyn, NY and hails from the Republic of Georgia. His work deals with an exhaustive approach to language and the subconscious. The drawings, paintings, installations are studies of a process in abstraction as a subconscious linguistic system. “I am interested in a kind of aesthetic equilibrium as achieved by an improvised aggregate system, instances and actions as describing events.” Tsinadze has exhibited his work internationally and in the US.
More more information including purchasing his works: email / IG @cloakfordarwin / website  


Littlefield is always accepting proposals for new works. Exhibits are typically on-site for up to three months. 100% of all artwork sales goes to the Artist. Please email Julie at for more details.