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Clearly Human by Jak Ruiz

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Clearly Human is an exploration of hope in relation to suffering, human idealism and Time. My understanding of the qualities of these themes have changed over the years these paintings were created. Painted in 2017 & 2020 under different circumstances yet surprisingly similar struggles with isolation and fear, I found hope showed itself in the form of artistic expression. The energy from this shows throughout the series. There is also an understanding of why such things as hope are needed.


About the Artist

In a small southwest town known mostly for its proximity to another small town where a famous outlaw met his maker, Jak Ruiz was born. His early years were spent chasing dreams written in basketball diaries. It wasn’t until a fateful day in 2008 at a Taco Bell in NYC where art revealed itself to be his purpose. His intuitive instinct and panoramic observation have self-taught the cultivation of styles which have blossomed throughout his life ever since. He works in abstract, figurative and landscape at the direction of his current thematic and creative focus.

This exhibit will run through June 30, 2021.
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